No Halloween Witches Who we are not: we are not Satanists. We do not worship the devil. In fact, we don’t even have a devil. (see history of witchcraft) Moreover, we are not old crones who ride broomsticks turn people into toads.

We are not all women: though it may be that the majority of witches are women—this from millennium of disempowerment by the male dominated Judeo-Christian tradition. Women have always had the Power if they seek it in themselves; and that threatens clergymen right down to their bones. Men have the Power too. Just that It may be a little harder to find within themselves, perhaps because as they tend to be out of touch with their hearts, their emotions. Some men, that is. The ones that find their power often become powerful witches--even sorcerers. Male Sorcerer

We are not evil: Don’t look for curses here. You will find none.

Evil Witch

There is no such thing as a black witch, no matter what their complexion. No black magic, only magic used for negative purposes, and little of that. A witch skilled enough in the Craft to invoke an effective curse knows better than to bring ruin down on herself. I’ve often heard it said that that you get back what your give out three times over.

Ever mind the Rule of Three
Three time what thou givest returns to thee
This lesson well, thou must learn,
Thee only gets what thou dost earn!

One with the Universe

Who we are: To be Wiccan is to embrace the spirituality of the living world and the hidden realms beyond, the force of Creation in the ever present Now. The reason to do so is to enhance our daily existence to fulfill our lives lived to the utmost. In short, to be happy.

To be a witch is to practice ritual and magic and to encourage favor in our desires. A person can be Wiccan and not be a witch. Wicca is the spirituality; witchcraft is the process of casting spells.

What makes us Wiccan as opposed to other positive spiritualities is the Rede:

Do what you will shall be the whole of the law, save it harm none.


There is no Dogma in Wicca, even the Rede isn't really a law. And only one sacrament: Joy.

Wicca above all else is a divine celebration of the individual. That is why we often have personal altars in our homes. We do not seek God in some other place but in our hearts radiating outward to the ends of the universe.

What you can expect to do: You can bring health, happiness, and prosperity into your life and the lives of those you love. You can receive divine guidance in every aspect of your life to put you on the path of joy and fulfillment.

What you can't do: You can't do Hollywood special effects: fly on broomsticks, levitate Buicks, turn into an eagle . Obviously, that isn't real. Real magic must always follow the known and unknown laws of the universe: Logos.

How to start: Be curious, investigate, explore what interests you. This site has a great many resources designed for those taking their first steps into Wicca and the Craft.

Even more important is to just be. Find a comfortable quiet place to gather your consciousness. Any form of mediation can be helpful. Of just hold perfectly still and at relax. Clear you mind of thoughts of the past or future. Enter the Now.

Notice your thoughts as they pass consciousness. Who is it then that observes? This is your personal connection with the divine. Ask. Listen. This is life, the manifestation of spirit.

This process is important because you will use this state of heightened awareness in all your workings and devotions. In fact, once you attain the higher plane you can simply voice your desires the know that they shall be.

Ceremony: What about Goddesses and Gods? Yes, by all means! Wicca, and the larger Pagan practices from which it springs, are a rich well of wonderful supernatural Beings. You probably will find yourself drawn to one pantheon or another. That's as it should be. (see Gods and Goddesses)

You will soon find that honoring or invoking the divine is important to your quest. However, the True Nature of the Universal Power is the highest mystery, and as such beyond mortal comprehension. There is a Universal Energy at the very roots of the existence we perceive all around us. In fact, this seems to be what science has discovered, that all matter is a construct of energy. (see is magic real)

Just the same, knowing that our beliefs are in keeping with science may be reassuring but not that useful. Ever try invoking an energy field? No, that’s thinking with your head not your heart.

Devotion: On special days of celebration (see Wiccan holidays) it’s nice to honor our chosen gods and goddesses. It’s one of the most enjoyable and beautiful acts we perform as solitaries and great in groups. But you don’t need a special day to honor your favorite God/dess. A simple thank you is all you need. Try this; when good things happen, when you’re lucky, raise your arms up to the sky and open your palms, the tip your head back and close your eyes. Thank God/dess and let Grace flow down upon you.

Nor are we petitioners. We do not pray for favors from our Gods.* The Horned God and the Goddess are metaphors for the male and female powers in each of us--God/dess. When we honor them we are honoring that which is powerful in each of us. When we invoke them we are invoking not only our power but the Power of all Creation. The Universe is unfolding as it should, whether we know it or not. We do, however, have a say in the future, as children of the Universe. Through our focused intention we can do wonders. This is what we call magic.

*Sometimes a prayer is actually a spell when it expresses the desired result as an act of will rather than begging. This is especially true when a physical metaphor is included like lighting a candle or making an offering. Notice the love spells here. They don't beg but state the outcome as a fait accompli--already happening, an active versus passive practice.

Covens: Wiccans often get together in groups called covens. This practice dates back to a time when Wiccans would gather on the night of the full moon called Sabots to exchange spells, potions, charms. or just socialize. A circle would be cast to combine the power of the group by raising a cone of power.

However, while covens once served the purpose of spreading and advancing the Craft, we now have other means of communion--the Internet is a great way to connect. Still, many Wiccans enjoy and benefit from groups of likeminded practitioners. Nevertheless, all Wiccans are solitaries at heart since Wicca is essentially a spirituality of the individual.

This is all you need to be Wiccan although you will probably never stop discovering and exploring. May your journey be a sweet one.

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