The Great Rite in Black & White

Symbol for the Great RiteWe often hear about “The Great Rite” in WitchCraft circles and that it’s the center piece of ceremonial sex magic.  But the details are never provided.  In fact, many covens never become more specific than to invoke the mating of the God and Goddess symbolically with an athame and chalice in place of the actual flesh and blood of the members. 

That’s fine, as long as it gets the job done. 

On the other hand, if you want to invoke the powers as the real deities themselves—with a burning intensity that harnesses the blaze only between lovers—you have to go for the real thing. 

Here's what I have learned from my decades as a seeker--and sometimes a finder.  As such, I do not quote from any single source known to me other than my partners of the hours.  We studied what material was available from books, the web, and others. Then worked it out together. 

The subject is most definitely sexual.

And though I’ll try to keep the language as euphemistic as possible I foresee areas where I will not be able to be vague and still impart the meaning. 

Nor is this work meant to be erotica but rather an actual how-to-do the Great Rite tutorial.  No holds barred.  If this offends then perhaps you are not ready for the Great Rite at this time. 

But before we start we will need to raise our consciousness above the stigma sex has in some circles where shame and fear keep both men and women from ever getting near their potential for transcendence. 

You cannot invite a God or Goddess into a dirty home.  

Accept, now and forever, that sex is a gift of our Gods and Goddesses, one they have often share with us by word  and deed.  We, as Pagans and witches, need to aspire to their state of joyous liberation from all the meanness and repression many of us have been fed from early on.  It may be tough to overcome many of our inhibitions but overcome them we must if we are to advance to the next level of evolution.  This is how it's done. 

This process takes about a month: lunar for the woman, calendar month for the man.  
You will not be having sex for this month. 

Still here?  Good for you!  The reward is well worth it.  As I think you’ll see. 

The good news is that while you are not to engage each other directly you do masturbate at least once a day (how’s that for a euphemism?  "engaging each other?"  But wouldn’t “fuck” be clearer, truer?)   Separately at first, until you master the technique, and then together.   

The idea is to increase intimacy and pleasure, not lessen it.   I didn’t mention this before because we needed to lose the Pagans who bowed out when they got the news that they wouldn’t be fucking for a month.  We must first be willing to evolve beyond your old selves for the Great Rite to elevate our being to a place where you can actually do magyc, amongst other things.  

Once we’ve divested ourselves of repressions we are ready to move onward and upward to start the month of preparation.

You both have to be ready.  It can’t work unless you are both there together. 

The first thing you will discover is that you are your own best lover--at least when it comes to attainting and maintaining ecstasy.  

Generally, most men and women jerk off or beat around the bush to relieve the tension. They often get it over with as quickly as possible.   

But aren’t we going to treat ourselves as well as our lover treat us?  Better!  Yes?

Take your time.  Seduce yourself. 

Most important:
Don’t orgasm until you “Ride the Tiger” as long as you possibly can. 

Riding the TigerPhase one—Hunting the Tiger--is familiar. You simply do your stuff in the way that it pleases you the most, as you always have, only more so.  But once you get to the point of orgasm you let your body go limp and back off slightly until you have yourself under control. 

Again you approach your peak, slowly, carefully, until you are on the very edge.  

The second phase is where you actually ride the tiger--feels that way to me--where you keep up the pressure on your libido while at the same time relaxing the rest of your body.   You will eventually be able to reach an extended orgasm as powerful as the few seconds you have probably been loving dearly up to this point in your life. 

Your whole body will actually tingle—like an electrical charge.  For me, it usually starts in my toes and travels up my legs until my entire body resonates.   Essentially, you have a whole body orgasm--that which is known as Nirvana in Buddhism, Satori in Zen, Ain in the Kabbalah, and a dozen other names. 

 Of course, you will often slip over the edge.  But hardly a tragedy.  No?   

But soon you will find yourself flying through the sky on the tiger’s back.  How long it takes depends entirely on you.  But I find that a month is not a lot of time for this phase and the next with your lover.  You will have to stay with it religiously if you are to make the necessary progress. 

And while you can do some pretty powerful spell casting as a solo, the best outcome you can evoke is for a successful Great Rite with your partner.  In that union lives the real power. 

Mutual Masturbation

When you are able to reliably hang on the edge of completion until you are charged with the God or Goddesses it’s time to meet your lover again.   

If, as is often the case, one partner finishes hunting  tiger first.  In that case, he or she may choose to demonstrate for their lover.  This can be very helpful, words being a poor excuse for doing.   

When both have mastered the technique you come together.  You do not touch but masturbate in the way you have individually discovered until one orgasms and the other follows.  At this point you hold and caress the other with all the love you feel at that moment. 

When you can maintain an orgasmic state together for an extended period of time you are ready for the Great Rite. 

At this point you may choose to personify your divine charges, take the identity of a particular God or Goddess.  This is a very romantic touch along with anything else that makes the event special, such as music, candles, intoxicants, and scents. 

However, nothing is needed beyond each other.  Nor will you start speaking Greek or Egyptian if you do personify a deity.  The Charge is ecstasy not a character attribute.   

The Rite is begun the same way as you have started your days and nights of separate/together lovemaking: not touching but hunting the tiger side by side.  When you have both reached a high state of ecstasy turn to each other.   

attaining The Great Rite together as equalsSit up as you caress and kiss.  The only difference here is that besides caressing your lover you also do yourself as you have been doing so that if you slip into a more mundane plain of excitement you can bring yourself right back.   Your lover, while sometimes a distraction, is also extremely useful to help catch your tiger for you.    

Finally, coupling (fucking without movement) is accomplished by both (as opposed to the man simply inserting himself into the woman).    

The first time you try this you will probably orgasm.  
Go back three squares.
You will have to avoid fucking for three days.  Fortunately, since you’ve already mastered the art of Tantric control, you don’t have to redo the whole month.   

The goal is in sight.  
All you need do is master coupling while riding the tiger—only now you ride each other’s beast.   Fuck as little as possible—just feel what is really happening between you.   And while birds do it bees do it, intercourse is still the supreme singularity.  Nothing else feels this good when it's good.  And it's good if you're both on the edge together.  Good?  It's great!   If not the most wonderful thing in the universe, it has to be right up there.   This is truly knowing another human being at their throbbing core.  In Taoism this is called "The Joining of the Essences"

It's why rape is such a terrible crime: no one has the right--ever--to force intimate knowledge of  someone unless they are deeply wanted; it lays us out too bare and vulnerable. 

What you two are feeling is not just rapture but the power of the Gods and Goddesses themselves.  It’s why we have genders both here in the mundane world and in the heavens as well.   

It’s why there are male and female polarities*—or even polarities at all. 

Energy only flows between polarities.  That is the one true fact of the universe.  This Ultimate Force creates the universe: the flow of energies resonating to weave matter, like a hologram, the sun as it spills its awesome power into the frozen darkness of deep space: energy ever-flowing between polarities.  

It’s also why we’ve evolved as a species.  Without this divine polarity drawing us upward together as life we would still be nothing, never able to rise above the primordial ooze.  Evolution is the mechanism but it is the opposite attraction of our energies that brings us together as one. 

You will feel this absolutely, without the need for words when you are able burn bright like that together for more than a few seconds.  

The important thing is that once we start to consider our state of joy at any given moment and how good or great it feels right now we stop thinking linearly: what happened, what might happen next, and start thinking sensually: how wonderful it feels right now in the moment.   Our goal, of course, is to make it feel as good as possible in a time and place at the center of our existence exactly where we want to be right here--glowing-- or getting there soon. 

Finally, you simply start your inner fire flowing into your lover at the genitals and up through their bodies and out their face while at the same time your lover is setting up a counter flow of their fire through you.   

Your hands and lips continually caress each other's body.  It may be helpful to draw the breath from your lover’s mouth—and they yours--as you inhale through your nose.  This is a very intense interaction that two people must achieve together or not at all.   Soon the breath will flow heavily by itself and with it your energy orbit. 

Now let your eyes complete the circuit instead of your breath.  You are ready. 

The Great Rite Energy BallFeel the energies of your combined desire like a fiery ball engulfing your bodies between your sex and your eyes. 
Charge this ball with your life force until it is burning bright.  

Vocal communication at this time is atavistic only.  There are no words to say.  They only get in the way. 

Finally, with your will alone, direct the ball  to work your magyc, whatever your desire beyond this minute.   If you have separate desires take turns.  Decide beforehand which goal you will propagate so at the appropriate time you are together and ready.  

When the ball bursts your passion will explode into the void where it will become your future.  


Do whatever seems best to end the Rite.  I personally like to melt into sleep, together like babes .

so may it be


Copyright © 2005   All rights reserved.
* The above presumes a male female union.  The interaction can also be between lovers of the same gender.  This too is a time honored practice, though I have not personally done much work in that direction.  An interesting side note to the subject of like-gender rites is found in the translation by Morton Smith of an account of Jesus initiating a young man into the discipline.