Adult Content Alert

With the Supreme Court's decision to overturn COPA (Child Online Protection Act) it is once more safe and reasonable to offer insight into Wiccan sexual practices without fear of the men who come in the night to black bag those who do not conform to their narrow view of morality. As witches, this is all too reminiscent of the Burning Times.

However, this does not mean we condone allowing minors to be exposed to material that may cause harm. In this, we are behind and support every parent's right to protect their children as we protect our own.

And while it is easy to click the link below that affirms a visitor as an adult when they are not, it is just as easy for a parent to install one of the many programs that prevent any of these pages from being viewed by their children. This, in fact, is exactly what the Supreme Court has decided: that it is the responsibility of parents to prevent access to adult sites, not the responsibility of the sites to censor any content that might be considered objectionable.

I promise that I am over eighteen years old and that adult material is not forbidden in my community.

I am under eighteen.


Below is the message we felt necessary in light of the Bush administration's persecution of our inalienable rights as free citizen to practice our religion.

Today I received an email from an angry mother who informed me that her under age son had gained access to our adult area. This is not too hard as all one has to do is lie on our affidavit that they are over eighteen. And since our Wiccan Reed forbids us to do harm we cannot continue to publish our spiritually attuned sexual practices in the event that harm may be done to children.

In addition, as incredible as it may seem, the content of this section might be considered obscene by present U.S. judicial interpretations.

To Wiccans this is an affront to our core beliefs, as our sexuality is our most intimate connection to the Divine.

Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done but work for a more progressive government, one that does not deny its people their basic human rights to privacy and their chosen religion.

I am truly sorry,



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