Magyc Potions

Witch-PotionHistorically, witches have been thought of to mostly perform Magyc spells and make potions. Most modern witches, however, tend to leave the potions to the pharmaceuticals industries believing that while natural substances may have been the forerunner of modern drugs, they are obsolete in their effectiveness. Even nutritional supplements and vitamins are usually purchased commercially. In addition, while magyc is viewed as the quintessential transcendent spiritual quest, potions are often relegated to the realm of the kitchen witch—useful only in times before the availability of modern drugs and supplements and nothing to do with Magyc.

However, this view tends to be shortsighted, at best. Because, used in conjunction with Magyc, a powerful potion produces highly effective results often unobtainable by other means.

This is because commercial preparations, either drugs or nutritional supplements, are bound by manufacturing and distribution limitations. Modern drugs especially must be created not from known substances, as in the past, but must be a substance entirely new, or new enough to gain a patent—without which pharmaceutical companies have little interest. This puts enormous strain on research and development, as a new product is not so much ordered by need or efficacy but by the direction of the marketing department.

Finally, these Frankenstein like creations, unknown in nature, are then pushed past regulatory agencies in a rush to gain market dominance. Is it any wonder devastating side effects and sever repercussions emerge as people actually start taking the new drugs on a wide basis? *



Witches potions, Herbology or Herbalism on the other hand, use natural substances that have often been used in the same way for thousands of years with excellent results.

This is because a witch's potion combines Herbology and Magyc. A potion is crafted in much the same way as a spell from the gathering of the herbs to the rendering of the potion. A successful potion will therefore carry its own spell and as a result be far more effective than any dead substance alone.

Unfortunately, detailed knowledge and instruction in Herbalism is beyond the scope of this page. Fortunately, there are many fine sources available for study, as it is essential that sure knowledge and great care be employed in the preparation of any substance to be ingested or applied to humans or animals.

Here is an excellent source for an introduction into Herbology: The Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook: A Home Manual Although the book is not specifically intended for witches it does service to the spiritual aspects of the processes. Pay close attention to the Ritual of Communion and the Simple Harvest Ritual. Then incorporate the crafting of these herbal potions with magycal workings.

Obviously, it is extremely important to correctly identify any plant that you intend to use for potions. An aid to proper identification is: A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs: Of Eastern and Central North America (Peterson Field Guide Series) Never ingest or prescribe any potion that you are not absolutely positive of its safeness.

If you live in the Western United States: A Field Guide to Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs and Plants of the San Francisco Bay Region: Mendocino to Monterey, Revised Edition

And for those seeking love potions: The Love Magic Book: Potions for Passion and Recipes for Romance

HomeopathicFinally, the Art of Homeopathy appears to be pure magyc. For while science concedes that many of their modern drugs have their roots in natural healing, Homeopathy defies conventional logic in that the final product usually does not contain a single molecule of the original substance. Just the same, Homeopathy works, even in carefully controlled scientific experiments. "Placebo effect", they cry. But what is the well established Placebo effect, if not faith healing?

Moreover, Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy performed his succussions on a bible (I'm sure it works on a Book of Shadows, as well). Sounds like a recipe for holy water.
And his "Law of Similars" uses likes or correspondences to produce Homeopathic remedies. This is also the Emerald Tablet's message: What is the above is from the below and the below is from the above.








so may it be



*However, having said that, it must be conceded that modern medicine is also not without value. Each witch must decide for her or himself which approach to employ in each individual situation.

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