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love spells white magicOkay, I know I've been promising a good bibliography of important Wiccan and love spells white magic books with links to publishers. Yes, I completely agree: there is something delightful about owning a fine book for your personal magical library of the most powerful love spells.

But really, I've been collecting love spell white magic books for my library of binding love spells since the 10th grade. Many of them are packed away in boxes from my last move. And frankly, many of them are something less than ideal in terms of actual working knowledge of love spells that really work. In short, there's a lot of mis-information out there. I will try to help you avoid wasting your time on those and only include the most powerful love spells that really work. Do love spells really work? These love spells do.

As to the links, I will endeavor to only include love spell white magic books that you can actually own (though some may only be had from resellers) as opposed to some of the witch craft love spells I have that are out of print. The list is presented with links to a known source that provides no commission to Spells and WitchCraft since we are a not for profit website dedicated to teaching the Wiccan Way.

love spells white magicIn each case, I will try to provide a direct link to the book on and a general link to Llewwllyn Publications. Carl Weschcke of Llewwllyn is one of us. And though it is a little more difficult ordering books from him you will be supporting an essential source for love spells for now and in the future.

I'll try to lay this love spell bibliography out from easy love spells to the hardest magic love spells. The hearts are my rating system*


Finally, I've just read a remarkable new book by Mark Townsend Jesus Through Pagan Eyes. For all those like myself raised in a Christian family this book will come as a revelation. Mark deals with the myth, the symbolism, and the metaphor of Jesus without spoiling them. In addition to his insightful view from the unique perspective of an Episcopal minister who also embraces God/dess spirituality there are thirteen interviews with Pagan Elders such as Maxine Sanders and Janet Farrar. The collection also features fifteen stories and essays from influentially Pagan and Wiccans to round out the book giving it not only one person's view but many-- something of a consensus that sooths the heart of former and present Christians who may have residual conflict or at least nostalgia for a time when they shared their family's faith wholeheartedly.


White Spells: Magic for Love, Money & Happiness by Ileana Abrev
This is an excellent beginners's book--completely and totally snowy white magic. Ideal for the someone new to the Craft and perhaps a little afraid of invoking the wrong kinds of energies. Not just a great, easy to do, collection of love spells but also spells for money and happiness--all in one inexpensive little book.

Simple Spells for Love : Ancient Practices for Emotional Fulfillment by Barrie Dolnick
Barrie uses everyday examples of love attraction and romantic ceremony that are a part of our culture since time everlasting. Love here is treated as magic in itself. Ideal for the more practical witch who uses herbs and potions rather than arcane magic.

Silver's Spells for Love by Silver RavenWolf
I think Silver RavenWolf gets a bad rap as a lightweight but before her witches were thought to cook children in caldrons and now we're more likely to be admired for our cookies. This book has over 100 good spells including one to find out what (or who) an old lover is doing and to bring a loving pet into your life. And like Barrie's book above requires common spell ingredients like incense and candles.

Sexy Witch by LaSara Firefox
Great book! combining a unique blend of feminism and magick, this refreshing guide to female self-empowerment helps women acknowledge the beauty, strength, and sexiness within themselves. Utterly honest and captivating, LaSara FireFox banishes the damaging misconceptions and shame often associated with female sexuality and sheds light on what it truly means to be a Sexy Witch.

10-Minute Magic Spells : Conjure Love, Luck, and Money in an Instant by Skye Alexander
This is a collection of the easiest spells on the list. It's not in first place because it's perhaps a little too easy. But Skye is a real witch with a long pedigree. So, if you want great results and you happen to be new at witchcraft this is the book for you.

Love Charms: Spells of Enchantment to Entice and Keep a Loverby Laura J. Watts love-spells-white-magic
I was given this little gem by a friend. I was pleased to discover not only love charms but also techniques to enflame passion. A great gift for anyone, not just Wiccans.

Magic for Lovers: Create Lasting Love with Wiccan Spells and Tantric Techniques by Selene Silverwind
Great book! Not too difficult. Plus Tantric sex techniques from which I developed my personal "Great Rite for Equals" in the adult Sex section of our site Wiccan Sex

Egyptian Love Spells And Rituals by Claudia Dillaire
This is the newest collection of Egyptian love spells that I own. So if you're fascinated by the exquisite sexuality of the ancient Egyptians, as I am, this is a great new book, though I haven't had time to try all the spells yet. If you get this book and have success please email me.

love-spells-white-magicLove Spells by Teresa Moorey
This is a great collection. If you only have room in your collection for one book of love spells, this is it. Included are simple candle spells and more complex workings for the adept.

Love Spells & Rituals Book and Card Pack by Susan Bowes
Like tarot & talisman cards? Besides the spells, this book includes a set of talisman cards to cast spells with and for divination. No other ingredients needed here.

Spells For A Perfect Love Life by Lauren White
Attracting a great new lover is only the beginning. Now you want to live happily ever after. This book can help. It helped me.

Love Charms and Spells by Jade
Jade is a well published author of books of interest to women and children's but uses magic in her daily life as practicing witch. The spells she includes here are a great representation of the best work available drawn from many sources.

Love (Titania's Wishing Spells) by Titania Hardie
This an absolutely beautiful book in hard cover--if you can find it. The spells tend toward means to focus your consciousness on your desires and make them happen--wishing! When ingredients are called for they are easily obtainable. I would have included it first on the list except it may not be easy to come by since it is out of print and only available from book resellers at the title link.

Witch's Brew: Good Spells for Love by Witch Breelove-spells-white-magic
Now we're getting a little more involved. This is a book of powerful spells and potions meant for a witch with some experience and successes under his or her belt.

Hex Appeal : Seductive Spells for the Sassy Sorceress by Lucy Summers
This lighthearted how-to of practical love spells is not as fluffy as it might seem. Though written with the younger witch in mind, the workings here are first rate and effective. Just don't let your mother catch you with it (she might steal it).

60 Sexy Spells of Seduction : All You Need to Bewitch Your Ideal Man by Gilly Sergiev
Here's another book for the career or student witch that may have more interest in having the man (men) of her dreams for now than settling down. It also contains spells for being the one he can't forget. Be kind with this one

The Sexy Sorceress: Potions, Charms, And Spells to Attract And Seduce the Object of Your Desire by Marian Singer
Here's another one for attraction, seducation and great sex. After you get him or her what you do with them is your own decision. A little more involved than some of the others but worth the extra effort.

love-spells-white-magicBe A Goddess : A Guide to Magical Celtic Spells for Self-Healing, Prosperity and Great Sex by Francesca De Grandis
If you're a devotee of the Celtic paths this is a fine book not only for love spells but also includes spells for luck, health, and great Wiccan sex

Spells for Teenage Witches: Get Your Way With Magical Power by Marina Baker
This is a great book for the young witch. Includes not only love spells but also spells for exams! I haven't used this book myself but it comes recommended by a friend who has a ninth grader.

Crone's Book Of Charms & Spells by Valerie Worth
It's only fair to include a book of love (and other) spells for the crone. Older witches need love just as much (or nearly so) as young ones. Here it is.

Soul Mates & Hot Dates: How to Tell Who's Who by Maria Shaw
The only trouble with all the books listed above is that while they are great for attracting, seducing and keeping any man or woman they do not help us decide who's a fling and who we will find eternal happiness with. This book addresses the problem of too many lovers and not enough love.

love-spells-white-magicLove Spell, The : An Erotic Memoir of Spiritual Awakening by Phyllis Currott
Phyllis Currott is one of the most important authors in Wicca or Paganism in general. This is her new book and everyone who reads it loves it. What else can I say? Only that it doesn't actually have many spells, but rather is her story and how she has used her talents to get the love she wanted.

Wicca for Couples: Making Magick Togetherby A. J. Drew
And for the one you want to keep. Spells to keep a lover happy and satisfied until you both take that final journey to the Summerlands. Seax Wicca

Finally, this next section is for those who are ready willing and able to go the extra dimension for love

The Beginner's Guide to Sex in the Afterlife: An Exploration of the Extraordinary Potential of Sexual Energy by David Staume
This text presumes that the reader is recently deceased. But the uses for the living are in learning about our ethereal sexual energies as they radiate through all time and space. On a practical note, methods are presented for balancing our sexual polarities and amplify our sexual energies.

Ecstasy Through Tantra by Dr. Jonn Mumford
This excellent book presents the ancient practices of sex magick through the Egyptian, Greek and Hebrew forms, where the sexual act is viewed as symbolic of the highest union, to the highest expression of Western sex magick.

Soul Mates: Understanding Relationships Across Time by Richard Webster
This is a marvelous book that details Richard Webster's use of hypnosis to regress men and women back through time where they find their true soul mate. But most important, demonstrates techniques for attracting your present soul mate.

Secrets of Western Sex Magic: Magical Energy & Gnostic Trance by Frater U.: D.:
Now things get interesting. Frater U.: D.: is a Chaos Magyc aficionado, and disciple of Aleister Crowley. This book isn't just for those with lovers or those who wish them but for the solitary practitioner to use their innate sexuality to work powerful magic. Not an easy book but the best I've found on the subject. Sex magic is incredibly powerful--be careful.

Autoerotic Mysticism by Jonn Mumford
This is a cassette tape that I have used to focus my erotic energy for sex magic. Ideal for the person just exploring sex magic.

Modern Sex Magick: Secrets of Erotic Spirituality by Donald Michael Kraig
Another excellent book to guide lovers or solitary practitioners in the power of sex magic. If sex is important in your life and you wish to engender its full power as magic and satisfaction this is the book.


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