Is there a God?

Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici*

We know God/dess is the Pure Energy, the Divine Life of the Universe, the Creator. If this sounds like traditional religion, that which is opposed to scientific truth, read on because the CERN particle accelerator has found the "god" particle, the Higgs Bosom at the root of all matter and are even now searching for other energy constructs that create the universe of matter beneath it all.

The truth is everything we can perceive as real is actually a construct of energy. In the Big Bang, as current scientific creation theory has it, sub atomic particles such as the quark, lepton, and the Higgs Boson--the god particle theorized to give energy its mass--were created. These nearly nonexistent particles form the elements of the atom (electron, proton, and neutron) and radiation such as light and heat.

Atoms, of course, are what makes everything, including the cells in our bodies and those of all living things, light and other radiating energies, are what makes life as we know it possible.

" . . . and God said, Let there be light and there was light." Light here being a metaphor for Divine Energy. From these energies matter was formed. From this matter we evolved.

Evolution then is not only that which has brought us here from tiny one-celled organisms but everything before it all the way back to the Big Bang.

This is what we believe, to the best of our knowledge, happened and what is still happening now and for all time, no matter what Fundamentalist doctrine preaches.

But that's the how of it, the why remains a mystery. And yet, our strongest drive—stronger even than the instinct for survival—is our genetic imperative to pass on our genes to the next generation. We think of it as our sex drive and the protection of our offspring no matter what. Without this immutable drive Evolution cannot work. Charles Darwin

Friedrich Schelling
Nor is this a new idea or one without basis in an historical context. More than sixty years before Darwin brought the scientific world to its knees with his theory of biological evolution by means of natural selection and random variation, Friedrich Schelling and some of his closest friends (including his newfound mentor Goethe and his former schoolmate, philosopher Georg Hegel) were already claiming that reality as a whole was going somewhere . Nature—and humanity—had a purpose and direction aligned with a purely spiritual drive.

So Evolution is powered by Creation and expressed in living organisms as an irresistible drive to pass on ones genes.

But how does passing on genes benefit the organism?

It usually doesn't. Procreation usually dooms the parent organism to hardship or death—ask any parent of a teenager. But here we are, you and I. That says it all--especially when we consider the statistical improbability of this moment occurring where the precise you is reading the exact words I now write.

It's often said that it would be improbable for life to only exist on this one planet with all the probably planets in the Universe. Perhaps, but in Timothy Ferris's The Whole Shebang he notes that the improbable chance occurrences of our evolution are of approximately the same magnitude as the number of postulated planets in the universe. What then are the odds of our species being here at all? 10,000,000,000,000,000 to 1, according to current estimates. Of the specific you or I, incalculable. But here we are, in a Universe that is otherwise incredibly hostile to life as we know it. (for a closer look at the odds read Eric Metaxas's piece in the Wall Street Journal)


Perhaps all of the planets in the universe are needed before one that can support our kind of life is produced. This would not preclude other life forms from evolving completely differently in other sections of the universe.

Also, the stuff of our bodies comes from all over the Universe. Elements like potassium, magnesium, and calcium come from super novas thousands, billions of light years away and billions of years ago.

Apparently, Creation is working as it should, even if we have no idea why. And what we must do as living beings is to Evolve, become better creatures than we are now.

Another fact we can infer from this is that the Universe is all good simply because of the very fact of it's all inclusiveness

There is no other. At least that we can conceive of.

No devil inside the earth challenging the power of God. God is All. Therefore without evil there is nothing but good when the Universe is taken in its entirety.

Of course, from our limited perspective things may very well seem bad and even evil. But if the Universe is bad or evil we most certainly wouldn't be here. The reality of the Universe at large is that our life form cannot exist for a moment anywhere we know about besides a thin skin on this ball or earth we call home.

In addition, Evolution only works if an organism is challenged. The shark is a prehistoric creature because it has never been successfully challenged in its environment. Things seem hard for us, challenging, but that is necessary if we are to evolve.

Finally, everything now in existence was once something else somewhere else. Destruction of the old is required so that there can be new. This too is part of Creation, although this too may not be pleasant to the individual who is about to be recycled.

But is the Universe minded? That's where science and religion diverge. Science decries the existence of anything beyond the totality of the Universe and religion gives it a persona. They're both right. For that's where truth must lie.

But using what we know so far, I think I can state the case in favor of a minded Universe. It goes like this:

We have consciousness. I'm writing this; you're reading it at some point in the future—or never. No doubt about that. It's a fact that consciousness exists. Consciousness is Energy. Emotion is Energy.

Would not a process that could create consciousness in us be likely to have it in the unimaginably greater reaches of All time and space—no matter how that creation came about?

And likely, we are part of that Universal consciousness, since it's everywhere. And that would mean we're all connected. And all connected to the Universal Consciousness.

When we work magyc the Power of Creation, or just the Power for short, flows through us into the as yet unformed future, be it a minute from now or years ahead, and causes the desired result by ordering chance in our favor.




so may it be

* By the Power of Truth, I, While Living, Have Conquered from Christopher Marlow's Faust and Aleister Crowley took this phrase as his magycal motto as a " Magister Templi ".

**Personifying God as a He is only a convenience. Nor is God a She. God is way above gender.

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