Introduction to Spell Casting


Start by reading Is Magic Real if you haven’t already. 
You need to come away with at least the tentative hope that, in fact, witchcraft is real. You need to suspend your disbelief long enough to give yourself a fair chance.  As far as I know, anyone can do witchcraft, with the exception of those who are mentally incompetent, intoxicated or those too young or too old to focus their will effectively.   White witchcraft, above all else, is about focus—not just mental focus but your entire Being. 

Can you really do witchcraft?   Can you really cast white magic love spells?  Hey, if Secret Spells Barbie can do it why not you?

But seriously,  I often give the following Wicca for beginner spells to acolytes to help get their astral feet wet, so to speak.  The first two came to me from a totally non-magical source years ago.  I was taking a car trip by myself; and as is my habit, listening to books on tape.  The one I had in the player was about the ways of successful people.  I don’t remember much about the course but that at one point the author strongly recommended visualization and belief to get what one wanted.  

The first example was about waking up at a specific time without an alarm clock.  I remember thinking that anybody can do that, it’s not magic, not witchcraft, just a fact that we’re not completely unconscious when we sleep—far from it, in fact.   

The other two examples, however, were from the author’s wife.  This, I thought, was a completely different story.  This involved external reality. The author may not have been aware of it but his wife was probably a bit of a white witch, at least.  Lucky him.  I still use both witchcraft spells and include them here to give your innate abilities a warm up. 

The first one involves the everyday frustration of finding a parking place.   The first time I used the spell I decided to give it a real test and try to use it on the worst place I knew to park, outside my NIA yoga/dance class.   It was typical to have to park blocks away in this busy downtown area.   

The spell is simplicity itself.  No tools, ingredients, witchcraft symbols, or invocation prayers are needed, though you can add anything you like if it helps your focus. 

Always remember: whether you think you can or can't, you're right.   This goes triple for spells and witchcraft.

Simply visualize the parking space you want and know that you will have it.  When you get there it will usually be free.  The trick is to invoke the white magic spell at least an hour before you arrive.  If you pull up and have forgotten to cast the spell you can’t expect a Buick or Toyota to levitate out of the way, though it will often happen that a car will pull out just as you pull up if the spell is working well and you planned ahead.  

This is a main tenant of real witchcraft: the further away in time you invoke a result the more likely it is to happen.  Remember, you are simply tipping the laws of probability in your favor, not trying to make cars fly like Harry Potter did.  Another trick is to weave in a little ambiguity.  Letting the Powers decide exactly how your will is to be carried out makes things a lot easier.  This is especially true of witchcraft love spells.  In this example, don’t just think of a single parking spot but rather a group of three or four, any of which would be acceptable.  I learned this the hard way the first time I tried the spell at the mall.  I got there, and there was the exact spot free I had ordered, but it was the handicapped spot!  That’s another basic tenant of witchcraft: the Powers are playful—dangerously so sometimes in High Magic. 

In any event, you have to park before you can walk.   

Coincidence, you say?  Could be.  Real Magic will always be dogged by the charge of coincidence.  Buicks don’t generally fly.  Having one do so violates the laws of probability to an extent far beyond most of our powers.  Make sure your spells seem to conform to natural occurrences.  After all, if they didn’t, witchcraft would be out of the bag and everybody would be fearful of their neighbor's intent, as is the case in societies where witchcraft is still practiced openly, and what brought about the Burning Times.  Magic must always be occulted, not known. Coincidence is the veil that hides our purpose—even from ourselves sometimes. 

But that’s another reason to start with this simple practical witchcraft spell.  The more you do it the more coincidences pile up.  In my case, it wasn’t long before the other dancers were asking me how I always got the free parking space directly in front of the building.  Just Lucky, I’d tell them—though I have never had the slightest bit of luck unaided by witchcraft.  

Pretty soon the number of times a parking spot opened up in front of me started to stretch coincidence.  That’s the thing about a repeat chance occurrence: the first time, sure, lucky chance.  The second, still easily could be luck.  After the tenth things start to get unlikely and every occurrence after that raises the unlikelihood of random chance exponentially.   

Try flipping a coin.  Call heads.  There’s a fifty-fifty chance you’ll get it.  But only one in four that it will happen again; one in sixteen that it will happen once again, and on and on, each time the coin comes up heads the odds snowball against it happening another time.   

There’s a fascinating study done by two researchers, Brenda Dunne and Robert Jahn: “Margins Of Reality: The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World” in which they attempt to prove once and for all if it’s actually possible and provable to order chance with the power of the mind.  They start with just such a concept, a coin toss, but to limit variables they developed a black box to electronically flip a digital coins and record the results over thousands of trials. Then the researchers would take anybody, the kid that delivered the coffee and donuts, the wife of a friend, students and housewives, as well as some who professed to have telekinetic ability.  They sat them down in front of the black box and had them will either heads or tails, one way or the other.

Their theory is that if the ability to control chance--magic-- exists it's also intrinsic to the human condition and everyone must have it to some extent.  This produced a wide range of results from people who couldn’t influence the outcome at all to people who could and some who influenced the result in the opposite way they willed.  After literally hundreds of thousands of results, all cataloged electronically so there wouldn’t be any bias slipping in to cloud the experiment (as is often charged in parapsychology experiment) they tabulated the result.  And yes, there was a small but statistically significant correlation: people could actually influence outcomes with the power of their mind

What stuck me was that there shouldn’t have been any correlation at all.  The rigid manner in which the data was collected and analyzed over such a huge number of trials should have washed out any chance occurrence and resulted in a perfect 50/50 split.  I reread the book several times and gave it to a statistician friend of mine who was equally impressed with the team’s rigorous approach.  You can read it yourself but be warned the statistical part is  pretty dry.   It gets much more interesting in the latter part of the book where they conduct experiments in astral projections.  In this one, there was still room for doubt, as there are with so many interesting paranormal investigations.  But the  electronic coin toss was pretty much air tight.  Ordinary people can influence random chance with the power of their mind.

Nor did it surprise me that the results weren't greater. 
People have to learn to focus their wills.  A great help is a rite or witchcraft spell that has been tested over countless ages to produce the higher state of consciousness that Wiccans call "Journeying Between the Worlds".  That's why we do ritualistic witchcraft and cast spells.  The best of us would be at a disadvantage put in a room with a black box and told to make an invisible digital coin come up heads.  Reminds me of those old Masters and Johnson experiments where they would wire people up in a laboratory and tell them to have sex.  I don’t know about you, but video cameras and wires would tend to spoil the mood for me every time.   

So don’t let the taint of coincidence hinder your efforts.  Perhaps it was your workings that made the thing you want happen.  Perhaps not.  But does it really matter as long as it happens?  After a while you will see coincidence as the mechanism by which witchcraft works and is concealed in the laws of Nature at the same time. 

Finding a four-leaf clover may be an act of willThe next practice witchcraft spell was also on the motivational tape from the author’s wife.  Here I was just a bit incredulous.  Apparently, she can find four-leaf clovers any time she wanted.  I had always presumed that four-leaf clovers were something of a myth, like lepricons.  I happened to mention it to a sister adapt and she said that yes, she too could find four-leaf clovers any time she wanted. 

This I had to see.
It took her no more than a minute to locate the first four-leaf clover on my front lawn.  I wondered if she wasn’t having me on--but it wasn’t a fake--a common three-leaf clover with an extra leaf glued on or something.  I asked her to do it again and of course she did.  So I thought maybe there were more four-leaf clovers around than I thought, though I had searched for hours to find just one when I was a kid—never had.  Not one.  I told you I had no luck. 

So I got down on my hands and knees and tried to find one.  There were clovers there but no four-leafed ones.  I counted every one to make sure: one two three, one two three, one two three, one two three, FOUR!  But no, it was a leaf from another clover mixed up with the one I was looking at.   

I gave up.
She simply checked the same spot I had carefully searched and came up with one, then another.  I repeated the experiment and every time I came up dry and every time she came up with at least one four-leaf clover—once a five-leafed clover! (I still have it pressed in a book somewhere).   The next day I came to the conclusion that there were four-leaf clovers everywhere, I was just missing them . . . . somehow.  So I spent the afternoon, I’m a bit embarrassed to say, on my hands and knees with a magnifying glass searching every inch of my lawn.  Not a one.   

All I could do was push the problem out of my head, filed under unexplained phenomenon like when you consult a Ouija Board and you know you’re not moving the pointer but for the life of you it’s moving by itself.  But the four lead clover I had yet to find was always there, like a sore in my mouth that I couldn't help sticking my tongue in even though it hurts.   

One day I was walking in a mall parking lot when it came to me. 
My problem was that I wasn’t willing the four-leaf clovers to appear.  Of course!  How obvious.  In which case I could make one appear anywhere—even the weed choked meridian I was crossing.  So I got down right there and took a look.  At first I didn’t see anything but litter.  But then I closed my eyes and simply visualized a four-leaf clover and knew it was there.  When I opened my eyes there they were.  Not one but three in all before I had to get moving or be late picking my son up from school.  I still have those first four-leaf clover pressed in the same book along with  Suzanne’s five-leafer.  And now I can find four-leaf clovers any time I want.   

Here’s a Wicca for beginner spell to get money fast from Janet and Stewart Fararr's "Spells and How They Work".  Simply say, “Trinka-five” five times.   How’s that for easy?  And it works. 

If you are like me, naturally unlucky--unaided by witchcraft--you will love this simple spell.
Find a coin from the year of your birth.  Wrap the coin in a cabbage leaf then tie the package with a green ribbon.  Place the little bundle in a location where it will dry without molding during the waxing (becoming greater) phase of the moon.  When the leaf has completely dried remove the coin and wrap the coin in a natural fabric.  Carry it with you and you will have good luck.

Here’s another handy spell for fixing broken machinery, including computers.  Simply stop what you are doing and sit quietly until you feel at ease and the frustration the damn thing is causing fades away.  Now see the machine functioning as it should.  Hear what it should sound like.  Benefit from its operation.  Will this to happen.   It will.  Not every time but I have much better results than using tools, at least for me. 

On that topic, one thing you should know about computers is that they work on the incredibly fast exchanges of small charges of energy.  In a very real way, this is the same energy that was manipulated by Dunne and Jann's subjects, this is the same energy we manipulate when we cast a witchcraft love spells.  That’s why it’s so important to get your demeanor on right when you’re in the presence of a computer. 

I learned that lesson the hard way. 
Almost every time I used my computer it would malfunction or crash.  I was beginning to get a “blond” complex when I met a priestess of the Goddess Aphrodite who couldn’t even own a computer because they would crash and burn in an instant when she was near.  When I met her she was doing a channeling for Aphrodite with one of our local covens.  There was a computer there that was being used to play her music, as they didn’t have a working CD player for some reason.  Of course, the computer crashed.  And the owner, who was quite a techie, couldn't make it work again until she had left the home.     

Now I only radiate the most positive energies when I’m around Blackie or Christine, my computers, and they haven’t crashed in years.  When I’m in a foul mood I don’t even go near.    

Another extremely handy spell is conjuring up wine . . . .   Yes, real wine, good wine.  This comes in extremely handy when you have unexpected guests. 
I have a confession to make.  The regular table wine I keep on hand to go with dinner is from a box, a good box but a box just the same.  My close friends know this and help themselves automatically, white in the 'fridge, red on the counter next to it.  But for people I don't know, I must confess to pulling a little switch.  I fill an empty bottle with a pedigree label with the box wine.  But as I "decant" the box wine into the bottle I am also changing it from mediocre wine to good wine.  Hey, I didn't say I started out with water did I.  Who do you think I am J.C.?

Anyway,   all you need do is give the wine positive reinforcement, a little like talking to your plants.  Wine is living too.  I don't think it matters what you say but give your best intentions to this wine which will soon be partaken by your honored guests.   Sure it's a bit of concentration and effort, and truth be told, I don't usually bother for myself.  But I dare you to have a guest tell the difference.  Try a taste test sometime on a good box wine, I like Almadin Cabernet or Chardonnay, take a glass from a good bottle of wine and a glass from the box.  Make sure they are both the same temperature and volume.  Have your guest taste each, the glass you cast the spell on and the one straight from France.   As often as not, they will prefer the glass you enhanced.  This can also work on improving the taste of health foods, like low fat anything.     I'd tell you how I came to this one but it's not a very interesting story.  I'm sure you want to get to the next spell.

One morning a close friend of mine phoned in a panic.  A pickup truck she had borrowed refused to start.  So I drove over and simply placed my hands on the hood and said, “Heal!” just once.  She got in looking at me as if I was slightly dingy because she had just tried and the battery was on its last volts, but she knew well that I was a practicing witch.  I had even provided her with a training-wheels spell to deal with her boss a while before.  It had worked well and since then she was cautiously optimistic.  Of course, the old truck roared to life and off she went to the dump with her old swimming pool liner. 

Here’s an easy spell from Silver Ravenwolf in her excellent beginner’s book “To Ride A Silver Broomstick” for finding lost articles.
I know it from another source, slightly different, but what I like about her take is the way she relates to crystals or gems.  She says to close your eyes and visualize the lost item and surround it with golden light, then attach a silver cord which you pull in until the object is in your hand.  Now, forget about it and it should appear within an hour.  If this doesn’t happen you can either wait longer or do the spell again. 

But this is the part I especially like: “Gems and stones should never be considered lost.  When you have outgrown them, they pass on to others who need them more.  Never be unhappy over the loss of a crystal or other favorite gem.  Know it has gone to where it is needed most.”   

Tip of Reni's WandThis happened to me when I lost my Dingle Diamond.  I could not find it anywhere.  I looked for days and cast every finding spell I could muster.  This crystal was sacred to me because of the way it had arrived.   

Years before I was walking the beach on the Dingle Peninsula in southwestern Ireland.  This is one of three places in Ireland were the Celtic tradition still lives and breathes fire.  The fog was so thick you couldn’t cut it with an athame.  When suddenly a clearing opened and revealed at my feet a piece of quartz about two and a half inches long.  Other than that, the pebble drift was bare, just perfectly featureless wet sand.  . . and the crystal. 

Silver Ravenwolf’s admonition not to grieve lost crystals helped me get over the loss.  Two years later the diamond appeared right where I had last seen it in one of the slots of an antique printer’s type case I use to display stones and crystals on the wall of my temple (dining room at other times).   To the best of my knowledge, no corporal Being took it and then brought it back. 

Well, that was all I needed to begin work on a new white oak wand with the diamond at the tip.  It’s been my favorite wand ever  since.  That's it in the picture.

Here’s one you probably know already, even though you may not know you know it.  Simply think of a person you want to contact you.  Send them an invitation astrally.  They will call just as soon as they get a chance.  Think this is coincidence?  Ask the person when they got the idea to call.  If they remember you will usually find it was the same time you sent the astral invitation but don't forget to factor in time zone changes.   This spell also saves on your long distance bills </;  )

Try these spells a few times.  If you can do one or the other or all you are beginning to tap into the Power and are ready to visit witchcraft-love-spells.  Enjoy!

One final word: the acts called for in a spell and the exotic ingredients may at some times seem like the people who discovered the spell want to make doing it as difficult as possible so we fail--instead of blaming them for giving us bullshit disguised as magyc.   It's often crossed my mind; like when I was trying to procure a thimble full of hummingbird tongue or dragon scales.  But stuff worked and pretty soon I started paying more and more attention to the details of a spell.  I would try to make it letter perfect.  The better the spell, the better the magyc.  And then I realized why.  Of course, it wouldn't have mattered if I hadn't figured it out.  Often in magyc we do things simply because they work.  Like the girl in the movie Bull Durum who had her boyfriend wear her panties when he was on the pitching mound .  It worked, he became a big baseball star, though neither one had the slightest idea why.  Magyc is often like that. 

But what I finally realized was that magyc is in the doing.  Doing hard and strange stuff for a worthy purpose strengthens resolve and focuses the will--the exact stuff of magyc.  How else would you do it?

Also, a good spell that has been handed down for hundreds of year has stood the test of time (the only one that matters).  For whatever reason these particular acts and workings somehow extract the desired result.   Go with what works.

Even when you create the spell from scratch--where just as much if not more care should be given as for a traditional spell--it's often advisable to incorporate established traditions.  You just give it a personal spin all your own.

The main thing is to get totally into the spell as it unfolds.  That's what works best.


   so may it be 

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