Intermediate Spells


Okay, so now we get a bit more serious.

Not that Wiccan love spells arenít serious but it comes and goes like the seasons, always new always old.  But there are better things you can do with your magyc.  Maybe not so much better but definitely meaningful.   I personally have long ago decided to be a healer and have been gratified by my successes and frustrated by my failures.  But I keep on learning and growing and helping those I can. 

But where to begin. . . .
First you should start writing your own witchcraft spells, invocation prayers, incantation and dance, or at least modifying the charmed spells done by others for your own needs.  In either case, you will increase your power remarkably.  Magyc is like any other worthwhile endeavor; the more you put into it the more you will get out of it. 

Second, you should practice raising your consciousness as often as possible.  A really powerful craft spell takes a full day, seventeen hours spent in raising your awareness and one hour spent doing invocation prayers, incantation and dance.  I suspect that this will not always be so.  When we are the ancestors we will probably be thought of as pioneers in magyc, a field coming to the fore after centuries of persecution and disbelief.   Our childrenís, children may look back and think how clumsy our techniques were but perhaps respect the fact that we were not afraid to attempt the impossible and that our efforts led directly to a better world where the big guys donít always take it all, and the purity of a personís heart actually counts for something.  In short, justice, the only way it has ever come to be without violence begetting more violence. 

At this point in your journey you will find yourself on your own much of the time with just our passing to be your guide.  This can be a good thing, however, as it levels the playing field.  No one doing magyc in our age seems to be putting forth any real power today.  I mean, there are miracles worked every day but Iím talking about the spectacular, like Jesus Christ, Moses or Buddha.   

If they were here and now we would know about it.  The problem is, I believe, that we are born into a mechanized society where the only ones who believe in magyc are mentally suspect.   Itís no wonder we are often unsure of ourselves.  But perhaps we can change that together, you and I and all the witches. 

Perhaps this is your time.  That is my intent is writing this website, to pass on my knowledge to someone who will exceed my humble powers.  Perhaps someday a great leader to unite the Craft under one banner. 

Okay, enough politics, letís do magyc.  Letís write some spells.

Well, hereís the first challenge.  You will need to do research and study to write an effective spell.  You see, one of the pillars of magyc is that ďAs it is above, so it is below.Ē   We use witchcraft  symbols and metaphor to access what is above to change what is below we wish to change.  You need to know the lore to know what those symbols are.  And you need to understand what you discover so you can extend it to your own purposes. 

Download the Correspondence pages for your personal Book of Shadows.  In it there will be lists of plants, animals, heavenly bodies, stones, gems, crystals, colors, metals, herbs, and especially timing (the date, hour, season, phase of moon, etc.).  Over the last several millenniums or so, those who would perform magyc have found these items to be connected in some way we donít fully understand.  When we say, for instance, that ĎVenus loves tulipsí, how do we know this?   Only because over vast lifetimes, people who pay attention to those things, witches, shamans, magus, messiahs, and such, have noticed a definite correlation between physical entities and the workings of the ineffable.  We call these relationships correspondences or symbolic magyc.   

They work as similars or in sympathy.
Aristotle first wrote of this in his Physics and Metaphysics 2,500 years ago.  He defines the essence of an object as that which remains through natural and manmade changes.   It is this essence that we address in similars and work with in sympathy. 

Nor does it matter that we may only be affecting our own Being when we work in this way and not some grand cosmic mechanism that our workings seem to address.   What matters is that these invocations, incantations and Wiccan symbols  have worked for thousands of years in every place on the globe, and perhaps beyond.  

Besides knowing the right combination to put in your astral stew, you must also know how to make the request so it is fulfilled.  Remembering always that we are speaking in metaphor.  Do not beg.  You will come off as a whining dog beneath contempt.  Command what you wish to occur, command the storms, command the vagaries of fortune.  Be bold!   Enlist the alliances of the Gods and Goddesses.  They want you to do just that.  Or in scientific terms, you are meant to evolve in this manner to a higher level species as yet unknownósave for a fewóon this planet. 

Consecrate everything you will use in your spell in order to both strengthen the objectís power but also to rid it of any residual negativity. 

Write your spells out in verse.  There is much power in the word if uttered with purpose and intent.  

So donít just say your spells timidly, sing them out.  Yes sing.  From what we have learned, the ancients always sang or chanted their vows and invocations.  Itís why spells are so often written in verse.  Thatís why the Egyptians and Hebrews did not publish vowels in their documents.  That was what made them so hard to translate, no vowels.  The reason they did this was to keep outsiders from using their Gods against them.  Without the vowels the words could not be sung.   In fact, many of the ancient spells are all vowels.   

Open your heart and sing. 

Whirling Dance as Means to Raise ConsciousnessDance as well; movement too conveys a powerful meaning.  The Sufis dance themselves into a higher state of consciousness by twirling.  Itís a technique well worth considering. 

In addition, I have often used hyperventilation to pump up my awareness.  Simply breath a little more than normal for about fifteen minutes or until you can no longer make a fist. 

Then dance!  You donít need steps or even music, though it helps.   Your preparations should include elements of all your physical senses, sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.  In addition, you will need to place yourself in the Physical universe so you can boost yourself into the realm of the divine.  This is done by Calling the Corners and then raising a cone of power above your circle.  Include all you can in your preparations and direct it at your heartís desire. 


Now you are ready.

Though some suggest that this is the time for your ritual bath.  I guess itís up to the individual but I generally take my long bath before the intense music, hyperventilation or incantation and dance.  The order of my dedicated day is: 

Wake up after sleeping as long as I need.

Spend the day doing researching, writing the spell using invocations and Wiccan symbols, and gathering the tools and Witchcraft supply  I will need, consecrating each and arranging my sacred space.  During the day I eat only foods that make me strong but eat nothing after dinner.  Now I perform my final preparation, my long ritual bath, my breathing, incantation and dance.  Now I am ready to step into the circle with everything I need at hand and actually work magyc.  

If I am planning a daytime spell I have everything ready the night before so I can prepare myself in the morning.  

This is your goal then, to create your own spells from scratch using elements and actions drawn from tradition or from your own creative imagination. 

So, letís review: 

v     Purification of self

v     Purification of Sacred Space

v     Casting the Circle

v     Invocation

v     Raising the Cone of Power

v     Intent and Petition

v     Sacrifice

v     Thanking the Powers

v     Closing the Circle

v     The Taking of the Nap* 

These are the basic elements of ritual to be arranged as you see fit.

*while a nap is not strictly necessary, I am usually drained after a major spell and have been known to melt to the floor and fall fast asleep just as if I were with a wonderful lover, as in fact you are.  Adding the nap can also give you the courage to give your workings that last bit of purpose that often makes the difference between a so-so spell and Divine Magyc.  Knowing you will not be required to do another thing afterwards makes this possible.   

Having said that, this is not an easy task for a beginner.  In that case you will want to start by modifying existing white magic spells for your personal needs.  There are hundreds of good ones available in books and online, though you need to be careful about witchcraft spells you pick up online, much as you would be careful not to download files that might contain viruses.  They are often without merit and can actually set back your growth as a power.  Even books need to be chosen by the reputation of their author.  There are a great many books in print by authors trying to get in on the resurgence of Wicca but who donít have a clue so they make it up as they go along or plagiarize from other sources without giving them credit.  Using witchcraft spells from these sources has got to attract negative energies. 

As I write this, I realize that I need to put up a bibliography of trusted authors and authentic witches.  Hopefully, by the time you read this I will have it available for you.  In the meantime check out the people spotlighted in the Modern History of Wicca*. 

 But back to spells.  Here are two examples of tried and true spells that I always modify. 

Ask yourself if the spell addresses your purpose.  Can you improve on the effectiveness of the spell by adding or expanding the sensual experiences?  Are the witchcraft symbols effective?  Does it place your sacred circle in time and space in a way that gives you the opportunity to vector your forces into a cone of power?  Does every part of the spell make sense in the context you are employing it and does it excite your Being does it raise your passion?  If not, you can choose to alter the spell of find another. 

Four-Poster bed with Pantacle HeadboardLove Spell to Attract the Attention of the One You Desire

This love  spell calls for an orange candle and marjoram essential oil (good luck finding that), non-flammable glue, an oven safe dish, and a picture of your intended.   Cast your circle in the usual manner.
Then place the picture of your intended in the dish, cover it with the glue, dress (anoint) the candle with the oil, and set the candle in the glue. 

Light the candle saying: 

            ďBy the four posts of my bed
             I turn your head,
             I turn your head.
            By my loins and by my thighs
            I draw your eyes,
            I draw your eyes. 

            With marjoram and bowl of glue
            I make you think of me as I think of you.
            I cause you to look at me,
            I cause you to look at me
            I make you enchanted by what you see.Ē 

Let the candle burn out but use the oil as a perfume until the spell works.  You may also draw a trail to you either by touching points on the actual route from your intendedís home to yours, leaving a little to anoint your doorstep.   

Okay, so hereís what I do thatís different from the original spell.  Of course, I ditch the marjoram essential oil and use vaginal secretions.  Oh, quick tip, if you are primarily doing sex spells or fertility rites you will want to sync your menstrual cycle to the full moon.  This is a time-honored practice dating back to the high priestesses of Egypt.  The process is a little too off topic to go into here but you can learn about the techniques used at the Athena Institute*.

 Next Iíd want to do the love spell over several nights approaching the full moon culminating on Friday night (best time for love spells).  If I didnít have a picture of my intended Iíd write their name along with mine several times on a piece of parchment and place it beneath the candle.  Iíd also use a red candle.  And finally I would invoke your favorite Goddess of love  such as Venus, Eos, or Aphrodite.  Iíd also light rose incense as an offering to the Goddesses and as an inspiration to my senses. 

What would you do differently?

Here is a spell for success:

Take an orange candle and inscribe your name, the word SUCCESS, the number seven, and one word the describes your goal.  Also inscribe a picture of the sun and on the bottom a star.  Prepare an ďOil of SuccessĒ using equal parts High John the Conqueror, Orris, Patchouli, and Myrrh.   Anoint the candle with the success oil in a clockwise direction while visualizing your goal.  Light the candle at the same time every day while visualizing your goal. 

This one, though very popular cries for improvement.  Give it a try.  See what you would do differently.  We can all use a little more success.

One final word: in my experience, when a person discovers that they have power they are at first overjoyed.  Yes, it will change your life for the better in ways you can hardly imagine.  As Iíve said, I have no luck and would have probably wound up a dismal and unhappy failure if it were not for my magyc.   

The more power the person discovers in themselves the greater the rewards.  But sooner or later the new witch must face his or her own demons.   Itís often been said that power corrupts.  Nowhere is this truer than in the Craft.  There is no greater feeling than to heal someone.  Doctors do it and often get arrogant.  And you will often be able to cure those doctors cannot.  How easy it is to lose control.  And when we are wronged; how easy it is take revenge.  I remember well the times I found myself, seemingly without my volition, standing at my altar with my wand in my hand preparing to get even.  Iíve even come to my senses to realize that I had not even properly cast the circle. 

What will happen if you fall to temptation is that you will get your revenge and it will come back to you thrice.  And you will have to do more despicable acts until you are struggling to keep your head above the astral waves of misfortune.   

Finally, you will lose the power forever.  You will be so spiritually weak you wonít be able to hex an ant with a can of Raid.  

Donít do it.  If you see a brother of sister witch going that way, cast your most powerful magyc to help them.   

so may it be 


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