HealingHealing is not difficult.  It just takes practice, like learning to play a musical instrument or becoming a great dancer.


MeditationStart by finding a quiet place.
Relax and breathe.
Slow to a stop the constant procession
of thoughts that fill our head. 
This is meditation at its most basic and can be aided by any means you choose,
such as invoking a favorite God/dess or incorporating spells.

You feel it happening more than by doing or thinking anything.

The goal is to attain the Now

You will know when you have arrived because your whole being starts to tingle. 




DiveOften, the first experiences of this mystical state are so intense we retreat like touching a live electrical wire.  But with a little practice it can be endured and magnified, like learning to high dive from great heights, and eventually sought after, like riding a fast roller coaster or sky diving.




Once this Divine Energy is felt it can be isolated in the hands.
Start by holding your hands before you a few inches apart. 
Clear your consciousness and simply stare at your fingertips until they start to tingle.

It helps to resonate a syllable such as om or heal by gathering a deep breath and annunciating the sound from deep inside in a way that makes your whole body vibrate slightly. At the end of each resonance hold your breath and be very still. Now feel the energy flow.

Practice until you can attain this feelings strongly and in other situations.
It often helps if you can feel the Energy traveling up through your body, down your arms,
and into your hands. A wand can be used (as Jesus did) to amplify your Energy.





Healing HandsTo heal, generate this Energy powerfully and send it into the patient’s body where the pain or disorder is to be found.  If the person is ill throughout their entire body an effective healing can be obtained by coming face to face with the patient while sending the Divine Energy between your fingers placed on around both sides of their body from the head down to their toes while recognizing and honoring their Divine Being.   


It really helps if you are strongly motivated by love or caring for the patient, although this is not strictly necessary, as we are all beloved children of God/dess and deserve our love too.

A great help is the cooperation of the person you are healing. Have them resonate Om or Heal with you. Make eye contact. Once they are breathing in sync with you both hold absolutely still at the end of a resonance and hold your breath half way exhaled.  Now feel the energy flowing and lay upon your healing hands.



At first patients may not be cured instantly but rather set on the road to recovery by the infusion of your Energy. When a person is ill or injured their own Energy Body is low or failing. By giving them some of your high Energy you start a process that can travel though their Energy Being recharging it, much like ripples in still water.

You may never know if your healing took effect or if they were just going to get better anyway.  That is the way of natural healing.  It must always follow the Laws of God/dess the Laws of the Universe.


Universe LawSureness comes slowly over time when almost everyone you heal gets better beyond any charge of coincidence.  Eventually, the string of healings becomes so improbable as to seem like tossing a coin over and over and having it come up on edge every time.  

And at first you may not have enough power to heal everyone of every malady.  It often helps to practice on pets or sick animals and plants to build your power and confidence.  Nor should you ever dissuade someone to forego adequate medical care--including animals.  You greatest desire is not to prove you are a healer but to see the person well.  Always encourage your patient to seek treatment by every available means. Also, if the cause of the illness or injury is still present your healing will be thwarted. Or as John Wayne once said, "Your foot ain't never gonna heal as long as that horse is standing on it."

Finally, it's often said that we cannot heal ourselves. This may be true but generally only if our energies are very low, such as from a case of the flu. If our energy levels are not impaired we can heal ourselves. However, it seems to work better if we do not actually touch our bodies with our hands since this seems to short-circuit the effect.



Use your new power wisely.