Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance



We are born naked and screaming into this world utterly helpless and must rely on those who love us or we would surely die.


Want child

We soon want a say in what happens in our lives. 












Eventually, we're able to take responsibility for our own choices. graduation self reliance











But the path ahead is seldom clear.  Paths

Difficult choices arise.  rocky path

It is at these times that we look to God/dess for divine guidance.

Divine Guidance

Just ask: What shall I do now?  Out loud. Ask out loud


When we listen with our hearts we will shortly receive the answer or answers, in which case you must choose the best course of action from the choices available.   Listen with heart




But first test each insight for truth since ideas come from other places as well:

other motivations, other forces than those that wish only to help us.

Ma'at Truth

An answer from God/dess is one that we would not likely have thought of ourselves. 

It is usually recognized as true immediately, the light bulb going off over our heads, intuition, a great hunch, our muse, divine inspiration. 

idea true


But if the choices are not so clear apply the Wiccan Rede, Do what you will shall be the whole of the law, save it harm none.

If an option causes harm it may not be a message from God/dess.  




On the other hand, harm may be required since sometimes we must choose the lesser of two evils as the only possible solution.  Unfortunately, this is often because we have lost our way from failure to heed or even ask for guidance.

lesser of two evils

When we are on our ideal path the choices tend to be greater of two or more benefits not the lesser. good choices

But it is what it is and sometimes we must do what's needed no matter what to get back on track.  We should be careful here: it's probably best to seek the wisdom of a friend or confidant if a course of action will likely hurt someone or cause damage.  He or she may not have the answer but close human contact often sheds light on a question.  Friends and loved ones are especially good at pointing out the consequences of an action that we may not have foreseen. friends confiding



TarotAnother means of finding the our true direction is divination: reading Tarot cards, casting astrological charts, crystal balls, the I Ching, there are many ways to get a glimpse of the future and how we fit in.  

However, any good seer knows the hardest person to read is oneself.  So it's probably best to get a reliable witch practitioner or adapt to shine a light on things if we aren't already proficient at divination ourselves.


Also, if we have a choice of two paths we can flip a coin. If we feel relieved that the choice is made it is probably the right choice. If we feel it's stupid to guide our life by random chance then the choice is probably the wrong one.  






BelieveOnce we decide on a path we should believe that the desired outcome is not only possible but probable.  If we can't quite believe that can we at least remain open to the possibility.  If a lack of belief in the chosen path is a problem we may not have our best answer yet.


Belief is the way we affirm our actions and how our will tips probability in our favor.

The greater our belief the stronger the force exerted on the future.





Spells are an excellent way of enhancing what we may believe as well as affecting the future by enacting what amounts to physical metaphors: in other words: actions speak louder than words. 

















step to goalSometimes it takes more than one action to reach our goals.  In this case, our desires come to us in steps.  We only need to know what the first step is.  When we've reached it we ask for the next step and so on. 


We cannot possibly see all outcomes of our actions as they play out in eternity, especially the big important choices but also the little seemingly incidental ones. Uncertainty








Divine GuidanceBut while we can never know for sure, God/dess knows, of course.   And S/he has not left us here without a direct lifeline when we are in doubt.  Just ask.


It does helps if you have made your connection with God/dess beforehand and know how to enter the Now where it's just you and God/dess. 


But divine guidance is given anyway to us all. We need only ask.











So may it be

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