On Becoming a Witch


WitchSo now you know a little about witchcraft and what witches do.  Youíve learned that weíre not satanists and that we work magyc and witchcraft spells by focusing our consciousness on what we desire.  Youíve even had a chance to try a few Wiccan spells yourself.  Hopefully, theyíve done well by you and now you wish to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Wicca and WitchCraft.  Good for you!  

Hereís where the real work begins.   But be aware, the Craft is not to be taken lightly, even if you only plan to dabble a bit.  Understand that this must be your own decision and no one elseís.   

Nor can anyone tell you how to be or not to be a witch.  The very essence of Wicca is the sacred right of the individual to believe what they choose.  Itís why our organizations are so disorganized.  It is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness.   

Know too that Wicca is not a religion for Saturdays or Sundays or any single day of the week where the faithful go to church or temple and do the usual, only to return to their unawares life immediately after. 

Wicca is a religion of the heart, mind, body and spirit.     We dedicate ourselves gladly.  You may too.

I will tell you a little about my own dedication. 
I had made my preparations and found myself standing skyclad in a circle of standing stones gazing into the full moon.  Moments earlier it had been hidden by a solid cover of clouds that had tempted me to postpone my dedication until a clearer night.  But this was not only the night of the full moon it was also the exact time of the summer solstice.    Astrological conjunctions are an essential part of effective spell casting.   It had to be now.

As I recited the invocation prayers and performed the incantation and dance the moon seemed to open the sky and shone down upon me. 
The meadow was suddenly illuminated with a silver light as the mist that covered the ground began to glow in the bright moonlight. 
The moment carried me along.   I looked around and realized I was enjoying the ride.    Further afield the woods that surround the meadow sparkled with fireflies.  Yes, they were there all the while but I hadn't noticed them, so concerned was I that everything go well. 

Moon Worship and DedicationI felt . . . I donít really know what I felt.  Elsewhere, is the closest I can come.  Certainly, no in place I had ever been before, though I knew myself to be less than a thousand yards from my own back door.  This was my sacred place in sunlight where the wild thyme grows thick as a carpet and smells so sweetly when you lay there to watch the clouds.   

After I  had finished my dedication ceremony--I'll go into details later--the clouds covered the moon again and I knew it was time to go home to bed.  It was after midnight and I had been working on this day for weeks.  I was totally spent and would sleep like a babe.   

The next day was Sunday. 
I overslept and had to hurry to get . . . I donít remember where.  

Tempering Dogma with DanceIt wasnít until I had driven for a while that I realized that I was not alone. 

 You see, I was born into a Christian family, good people, not at all the kind that harbor hate for others.  But I had never fit in.  I hated going to church and I hated even more the religious school I was forced to attend. 

My mother called me her little changeling, an elfin babe that was switched at birth with her Christian baby.   

And still it was so very hard turning away from my family's religion no matter how wrong it was for me. I think many people feel that way.

I will share with you now that you have come this far with me that my Christian name was not Reni.  Reni is a Celtic name that I adopted early on (actually a shortening of Renny that means "little but strong") .  It is and has always been my real name. 

You also get to choose  a true name for yourself for your new life as a witch.  

But on that Sunday morning for the first time in my life I felt one with something.  I know now what that something is.  Unity.  The Buddhists call it 'Oneness with the Universe'.    You can call it anything you want but it's the place where magyc happens.

Yes, It's the place where magyc happens.   Come with me now . . .

. . . and let its Power and Light embrace your life.

Start at the links below--in no particular order. And may your journey be a sweet one.   

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