NowSimply put, there is no past or future, only Now. 

Time TravelFor while science fiction has long explored the tantalizing idea of time travel—paradoxes not withstanding—there is really no place to time travel to, baring other dimensions.  All temporal destinations are void.  There is only Now.






Evolution of the UniverseBecause in this reality, the one we live in, the arrangement of matter and energy that existed at some point in the past does not exist there today.  And though it will probably exist in the future in some other place and form it isn't there yet.  It was there, now it's here, and tomorrow somewhere else since the begining of Space Time when energy became matter.

In the beginning there was only pure energy.  Light is a good metaphor.  As in,  Let there be light!

At some point this energy spawned matter, perhaps as a Big Bang.  This matter took the form of subatomic particles such as bosons, leptons, and quarks. These particles form the building blocks of the atom, which in turn forms molecules, cells, up the evolutionary ladder to you and me.Subatomic Partcles

Every atom in our bodies was once billions of light years away billions of years ago.  Even today our bodies are being recreated to replace worn out cells with new ones including our bones every seven years or so.  Our present atoms were once something else, somewhere else: perhaps livestock if we are carnivores; produce if we’re vegan, both actually made from vegetable matter, livestock indirectly as feed, which is the energy of light made plant.



Light Body



This process of creation and destruction goes on continually and always has, not just for human cells but all life and non-living matter. 


The Now therefore is the event horizon of all Creation, the very instant of change everywhere as one thing becomes another unfolding according to the laws of the universe.

All approaching futures are probable and predictable, interpolated from the present, but not certain.  Our actions and will may act upon probability swaying it one way or another either by physical action or willing it so since the energy of our being is the same energy as that of Creation on a smaller scale.


Accessing the Now simply means turning away from thoughts of the past or future and allowing our awareness to be entirely present in the instant. Past Future  Observe, listen, notice thoughts as they pass consciousness.  Who is this then that observes?  It is our true selves connected to the Cosmic Consciousness--God/dess.


Between the WorldsIn Wicca, this is called Journeying Between the Worlds and we use spells and ritual to attain these heights but it can be done without workings or physical metaphors of any kind since it is all really inside all of us all of the time from the deepest roots of pure energy to the ends of the universe. 


Here we meet God/dess within ourselves and without as our awareness radiates outwards from our center of consciousness across Creation.    Here we may accept divine guidance and request blessings or just bask in the glories of God/dess as life in us all that we will never be alone or forsaken. 



Now is the center of all things as they are created.





so may it be

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