Chaos and the Dark Path


Big BangThe Universe we know has been created from pure energy approximately fifteen billion years ago. However, its creation is not static. Matter forms and is destroyed innumerable times
since the beginning.

Even the essential elements of human existence were born in the heart of supernovas long ago.




We are the Stuff of StarsThis is as it must be for anything to evolve.
If those ancient stars still existed we wouldn't be here,
nor life as we know it.






OroborosThe Ouroboros is the symbol of this eternal destruction and creation, as the serpent eats itself only to grow anew at its tail.







Kali Sculpture

Some revere the process of disorganization in the name of Chaos or personified as the Gods and Goddesses of Chaos such as Eris, Discordia, and Kali. While this would seem to miss the point--since it is creation we are most concerned with—advocates of chaos do not generally scorn creation but tend to focus on creation from chaos, for it is only in total chaos where all possibilities exist.

Eris Discordia












Black Magic


Those that simply spawn chaos and destruction without subsequent creation follow the Dark Path or Black Magic. Here there is great danger of reaping the whirlwind, for those who live by the sword die by the sword.









Creation or DestructionIn the end, we get what we most desire. Creation or destruction: suffering or joy, love or hate, life or death, heaven or hell, reincarnation into sorrow or delight.





Be careful what you ask for, what you desire: pain or pleasure.