How to Cast a Spell

It is a common misconception that the power of a spell is in its words and workings. The belief is that all one must do is find the right spell and bingo, magyc happens.

But while having a good spell is important, it is within ourselves that the process must originate and come to fruition.

To do magyc, we must connect with the Divine Energy of the Universe: GOD/DESS*, though the very idea of God is counterproductive in that it implies a separate Being apart from ourselves and all of Creation. GOD/DESS is Creation, the very life Energy at the roots of all matter and life itself (see is God Real) First seek GOD/DESS within. Then around you. Finally, to the ends of the Universe (although perhaps not in this incarnation).


To cast a powerful spell we must become totally aware and awake and present. This is much like meditation and can be attained by any number of means, though each requires practice.


Here is a brief synopsis of the process:

Become aware of your Being: bodily experience, pleasure and pain, mood, and thought.

I like to hold myself motionless and direct my consciousness to each of four areas of experience one at a time. I can then direct my consciousness to sensations outside my own body, sounds, images, smells, etc.


Thought must then be subordinated to the present from its preoccupation with what happened and what may happen in our lives, the past and the future.

You will then enter the Now. It is the place without waiting for something else. This is it. This is where the Divine is met. It's that something Other: at the very least the voice of reason, your conscience. At the most it's GOD/DESS and your connection with everything and everyone living or dead. We call this Journeying Between the Worlds.


Casting SpellSimply direct this energy to your desires by focusing your consciousness and will the outcome. If you are using physical metaphors, objects of the spell, simply focus your consciousness on the object that is to hold the magyc.




You do not need a spell to do this but I find that using a time-tested spell aids the process of awakening to GOD/DESS that much easier.

One more thing, I find that resonating the words of a spell, singing, makes it more powerful. This has an ancient history back as far as people sought the Divine.

Singing happens on the vowels: A E I O U Y. Of these the Ahhh sound and the Ohhh sound seem most effective. Most of the names of God/dess contain these two sounds.

The way you resonate is to sing the word on a pitch that vibrates within your body.

Some spells also work better with dance--inspired movement--any way you want it. This too is a time honored tradition.





The important thing is a total involvement with all aspects of your Being.

*It's important to understand that the name GOD/DESS refers to the Infinite Creator of the Universe and is therefore above gender, as in Gods and Goddesses.


So may it be

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