Divine Light Upon the UniverseWiccans believe in God/dess as the Universal Power of Creation

We believe this Ultimate Power is infinitely perfect, all good, all truth.


Polarities: Sky negative, Earth positive












We are all the physical manifestation of this Power, spirit made flesh,
and so our bodies are perfect at conception.

Creation from Pure Energy












Burning BeingIt is our responsibility to honor and care for the great gift of our bodies until we reunite with God/dess before our next life.









The male and female polarities of the Power are how we personify our Gods and Goddesses (God/dess)












Power within and withoutGod/dess is within us and without us from the invisible essence of matter to the very ends of the Universe.

World in Harmony








In this way we embrace the entire natural world in balance and harmony as it evolves

We believe that the energy of our consciousness influences the Energy of Creation as it unfolds.
We call this influencing magyc.
Performing Magyc




Magyc always obeys the natural known or unknown laws of God/dess.

Laws Known and Unknown


Cosmic Awareness in Our Own Back YardWe believe the purpose of our lives is to live in love and joy in an ever expanding awareness of our connection with God/dess where all Power resides.













The Way is Know at the First StepWe believe that God/dess guides our path and we cannot fail to be anything or do anything we choose.

Do What You Will Shall Be the Whole of the Law--Save it Harm None

Do what you will shall be the whole of the law—save it harm none.






In this way, we affirm the sovereignty of the person without regard to authority or hierarchy but cherish all as children of the Universe.

Wild Child


We do not believe in the Christian Devil but believe that isolation from God/dess causes evil.











so may it be

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