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Welcome Sister, Brother, Seeker. Here begins your journey to Oneness--True Self--and the Power and Beauty within and beyond.  Here you will learn wondrous things.

We are Wicca, the Way of the Craft, Witchcraft,  La Wicca, Magia Wicca,  a modern spirituality with ancient roots that differs from traditional religions in several essential respects: It has no dogma or catechism and only one law or rede: Do what you will shall be the whole of the law--save it harm none. and one sacrament: Joy. 

A Wiccan is free to do anything he or she pleases but must accept the consequences of any harm one may cause, often returning three fold.  This includes harm to another, all living things, the planet, and most of all ourselves. Of course, this means the law can also be ignored if it would harm none in so doing.

This is because Wiccan is above all a spirituality of the individual.  No one tells Wiccans what to think or believe.  Each must dance their own paths living fully the great gift of our lives.

Wicca is of the living present experiencing God/dess (God and Goddess) not distant but within our deepest self and beyond to the ends of the universe, pervading all as divine energy manifest in our selves, nature, and the firmament. 

So to be Wiccan all we need is a connection with God/dess and by extension to all Wiccans and all living beings--Oneness!  This is found simply by entering the Now, what we call Journeying Between the Worlds.  Here we meet God/dess.  This can be achieved through ritual, spells, ceremonial rites, or just by holding still and listening to the Voice of God/dess in our hearts.

Once this connection is made we receive divine guidance in every aspect of our lives on our path to unalloyed joy.

Beyond guidance many Wiccans perform magyc spells to protect ourselves and loved ones, to heal by potion or focused energy, to know the future, to bring love and fortune, or anything possible under the known or unknown laws of the universe: God/dess. A Wiccan that performs magyc is a witch.

What Wiccans are not are Halloween witches or Hollywood special effects.    So if you want to be Hermione Granger or Harry Potter become an actor because both are fictional characters that perform movie magic not real magyc

Wiccans are not Satanists, we do not have a devil nor a hell.  However, what we do in life echoes into eternity.  This is because at the very least we will be reborn into a world we helped create.

Nor does Wicca denigrate science as fundamentalist religions often do but incorporates anything and everything in a cauldron of ever growing awareness of the reality of our existence and that of the material world formed from the pure energy of the universe.  To science this cosmic energy is called the Higgs Field; the fabric of the universe, and those energies yet to be discovered; to us it is God/dess, , the Creator and the Creation, the One, the Divine life force manifest in the living world. And it is very real--although we would be the first to admit that we don't know what this energy really is.  For that matter, neither does science. 

Our consciousness is also energy.  We use our consciousness to perform real magyc spells which is simply the force of our will influencing probability. 

To begin your journey follow the links below and may your journey be a sweet one.


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