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According to Hebrew legend Lilith was Adams first mate, the one created from the same dirt. Lilith and Adam were created as equals but this caused such conflict that Lilith left Eden to live with Eblis, the prince of devils to become Queen of the Demonessess or Queen of the Night. Apparently, the problem was that Lilith wanted sexual equality and refused to be subordinate. Hebrew legend maintains that she not only wanted equality but sexual dominance. As far as we know, she just wanted to ride her man--the only man--when the desire arose.1 For this reason she is considered sexually deviant, permissive and dangerously seductive--even fatally so--in Hebrew tradition.

After Lilith left, Adam complained to Yahweh/Jehovah that the women He had created had abandoned him. Yahweh then took Adam's baculum ( human penis bone) not his rib (as was later mistranslated2) and created Eve. Perhaps Yahweh chose the baculum so that men--Adam means man in Hebrew--would know it is woman who holds the key to his erection and not so easily dismissed.

The legend is a metaphor for the eternal battle of the sexes in which the phallocentric Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity) seek to diminish a woman's overt sexuality.

Shiksa Blond Demoness

Lilith's other aspect is the "murderer of children" whom she strangles with a strand of her blond hair. Apparently, Lilith was a long haired blond in the Hebrew legend--to this day associated with highly sexed women-- shiksas.3

Lilith Lily

Lilith is a demoness of fire and passion and the basis for other demonessess or succubae persona. The Hebrew legend draws from much earlier sources dating back to ancient Sumeria. While less has survived from the era, in the Akkadian language of Assyria and Babylonia the terms lili and līlītu mean spirits. But not just any spirit, the term lili or lilitu derives from the term lily, an often powerfully sweet smelling flower whose intoxicating fragrance comes on the night breeze--another description of Lilith is spirit on the wind. The scent and shape of the lily is reminiscent of the aroused vagina.

From the Gilgamesh cycle, we find in Inanna's (Ishtar) garden in Uruk a huluppu tree (willow) inhabited by a serpent, a fire-breathing Zu or Anzu bird, and a ki-sikil-lil-la-ke (Lilith spirit). Gilgamesh kills the serpent, the Zu bird flies off and the ki-sikil-lil-la-ke destroys her home and flies off to the forest. In this metaphor we once again see a sexually aggressive female spirit purged by a male in favor of the earth mother figure of Inanna/Ishtar.


The difference in the Sumerian legend is that Inanna/Ishtar is also a highly sexed woman, goddess of lust, but primarily a mother symbol. Here again we see the paradox between a woman's sexuality and her role as breeder. However, the tree was Inanna's. She wished to make a throne from its wood since Inanna is also the goddess of justice and political power. The Zu bird and the serpent represent Lilith's overt sexuality which must be sacrificed to the social order.

This aspect of the legend also relates to the dichotomy of women as sexual creatures rather than breeders--the mother and the whore paradox--perhaps even indicating induced abortion of unwanted children or an ancient form of IUD4, as one could hardly strangle a baby with a stand of hair.

Lilith Women

Today we can view Lilith as a metaphor for explicit female sexuality denied by the social order or an aspect of the divine mystery that lies ever present beyond our physical realm. Women may wish to channel her passionate energy to fulfill their sexuality. Lilith is often prescribed as a cure for repressed sexuality and frigidity. Men may wish to summon Lilith as a succubus to expend their sexuality beyond the limits of human passion. Lilith Succubus Both of these invocations should be practiced with caution since Lilith is also the Harbinger of Chaos. This may be the chaos of madness or the Chaos of Creation.

Lilith is often associated with the dark path.5 However, this is mainly a reference to the Hebrew version of the story where she is vilified as an evil demoness coming in the night to rob men of their precious bodily fluids and make them a slave to her desire. In addition, Lilith's breast milk is an intoxicant. If a man sucks her his seed would transmute so he sired only demons. How one views Lilith depends largely on how one views sex and women in general. Are women sexual beings entitled to uninhibited fulfillment or are they chaste mothers used to increase a man's wealth of sons. Both.

Now that you know a bit about Lilith you may want to invoke Her in your workings. First, it is important to understand that invoking Lilith is a very personal experience. The most powerful invocations are always those you create yourself. That said, here is a sample to get you started:

vagina caldron

Invocation and sexual dedication to the Dark Goddess Lilith.

Lilith is first and foremost about sexual passion. Here you will masturbate to a sustained orgasm as the molten core of your invocation.6

How you attain orgasm will differ from person to person but a dark room is preferred. Gather anything you require as well as incense of a sweet nature. A fragrant blooming lily is even better.

Start by performing an adoration. Here is an Italian prayer that I find very beautiful. But here again, you can perform an adoration to Lilith in any way you choose.

-- Unknown Italian Author

Now speak the following dedication as you begin to attain your orgasmic state:

Oh Lilith, Dark Goddess, hear my call.

From the dawn of creation you have liberated yourself from your shackles to arise in your magnificent sexuality. Lilith I invoke you. Tonight I dedicate my sex to you. Cum with me! I will feel your primal energy, so deep and penetrating reverberating throughout my being.

Touch me Lilith, touch me how I need to be touched, kiss me as I need to be kissed. Make my body quiver in your divine presence. You know what I need so very well for you need it too. Take my mind and body to the realm of transcendent passion. I beg you to carry me to the limits of ecstasy and unbridled lust. Do this with me, Lilith and I will dedicate every instant of ecstatic joy from my orgasm to you and you will drink of me and become drunk with lust. Hear me Lilith, hear me!

The longer you remain in your orgasmic state the greater will be your experience of Lilith and the higher She will take you. You may lengthen your orgasm by a technique wherein you approach release but back off only to approach again and again until you can maintain an orgasmic state nearly as powerful as full release. When you reach your finale it will be far stronger the longer you have held on. While this is simply stated it takes practice with many slips over the edge ending your journey too soon.

Your goal is to attain the highest ecstatic state for as long as possible. During this joyous time you may wish to inflame Lilith with mantras and incantations. Here are a few you may wish to use

Marag Ama Lilith Rimok Samalo Naamaah 7


Hring-Ka-Aei-ee-La-Hring-Ha-Sa-Ka-Ha-La-Hring-Sa-ka-La-Hring 9

Femme Fatale

Once you are able to invoke Lilith reliably women may wish to use Her power to become a succubus and visit men in their sleep. This advanced technique can be used for the great pleasure of possessing men or for summoning them to you. However, men summoned in this way may not be suitable for relationships since their desire for you is purely sexual and really the desire for Lilith.

1. According to the Alphabet of Ben Sirach a Rabbinic text written between 100 and 700AD, Lilith says, "I will not lie below you." Lilith Babylonian GoddessTo which Adam replies, " I will not lie below you since you are fit for being below me and I for being above you." Lilith replies in a rage, "The two of us are equal since we are made from the same earth." She then utters the forbidden name of God which gives her demoness powers and flies off--Lilith is often pictured with wings between owls and lions with the talons of a raptor (or maybe she spends too much time in 4" heels lol).

2. The Hebrew word that is traditionally translated as “rib” is tsela‘. Ziony Zevit, Distinguished Professor of Biblical Literature and Northwest Semitic Languages at American Jewish University in Bel-Air, California, believes that this translation is wrong, as do many scholars. It was first translated as “rib” in the Septuagint, a Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible from the mid-third century B.C.E. However, a more careful reading of the Hebrew word for “rib” in the Adam and Eve story suggests that Lilith was created from another, very different, part of Adam’s anatomy—his os baculum (penis bone).

3. The term derives from the Hebrew word "sheketz", meaning the flesh of an animal deemed taboo by the Torah

4. Although the practice was likely kept secret, it is possible that ancient women used a strand of hair as a primitive IUD--legend often based in fact. The concept of foreign objects inserted in the uterus was well known in the middle east where small stones were inserted in a camel's uterus to prevent pregnancy while on caravan. In addition, hundreds of terra cotta votive wombs have been discovered from the period with a small pebble inside. Finally, the first modern IUD was produced in 1909 by German physician made of a silk suture--not unlike a strand of thick hair. Women have endeavored to have their cake and eat it too since the beginning. This is because unwanted pregnancy shackles a women far more securely than any other form of oppression. However,I wouldn't recommend using any ancient form of birth control. Stick with a good female gynecologist.

5. A note on the dark path:

Some believe that those who follow the dark path are evil. This is not so. The dark path is simply the polar opposite of the path of light. Energy, divine or mundane, only flows between poles. Without the dark the light would blind us. Without the light, the darkness would swallow us. Both polarities are required to spin the Universe on the Event Horizon of the Eternal Now. The Power thus manifested can be used for good or evil, depending largely on ones perspective.

6. If you cannot reach and maintain orgasm reliably through masturbation you may wish to visualize sexual possession. Here you will need to make an offering of something other than your orgasm: wine and cake, for instance

7. It means something like "my orgasm is for the goddess". Marag means 'alive', ama makes it "my purpose for being alive" (my act of being alive). lilith "goddess". Rimok "god" (goblin). samalo "I speak this". naamah - literally "know that this is fact".

8. This is the name she has in the Babylonian Story of Inanna and Gilgames

9. This is the Lalitha Tripurasundari mantra

10. While the name Lilith (lilitu) is the first occurrence of the great slut goddess. Other names were to follow:

However you envision Her, she is a perennial force in the cosmic pantheon representing a woman's desire to be unfettered and fulfilled.

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