The Difference Between Abrahamic Religions and Wicca

According to current prevailing biblical and archeological study, the ancestors of the Jews were actually a small band of Canaanites escaping from slavery in Egypt.  On the way home they encountered YHVH (Yahweh) the Golden Rule, and the concept of brotherhood, equality, and justice. 
Back home, Canaan was a collection of feudal city states in rapid decline.  A ruling class maintained total controlled over the population with a pantheon of gods and goddesses that supported their ascendance.

The returning slaves arrival with their new humanist philosophy at this time promoted revolution and the downfall of the monarchy.  The walls of Jericho did not fall as were they undermined from within.  An egalitarian society rose up to take the place of oppression and injustice that had failed the society.

Unfortunately, the Pagan states surrounding the new Hebrew society often crushed the fledgling culture and dragged it off in chains taking full advantage of its humanity to brutalize and destroy.  The law of the jungle was the law of the world.  Still, the humanist ideal survived proving that in the end the pen really is mightier than the sword. From these ideals flow both Christianity and Islam.

Wicca, however, is a Pagan religion. 

Does this mean that Wicca espouses the law of the jungle as opposed to compassion and justice?

Perhaps. It’s up to each of us.  This is because Wicca is a spirituality that holds up the individual as the highest ideal.  We have no formal hierarchy or dogma.  Do what thou wilt, save it harm none, is probably the most widely accepted Wiccan law and this only recently with the writings of Aleister Crowley, who at one point appended the reed with and if done in love.  This would seem to deny the law of the jungle and command us to love our neighbor. This part of the law did not stick.

We therefore have no law that commands us to be nice to everyone, or at least those who believe as we do. Yet my experience and the experiences of Wiccans in general suggest a highly compassionate society, far more so than those fostered by our Abrahamic brothers and sisters.  Witness the carnage and destruction down through the ages and alive and rampant today throughout the world wrought by the purveyors of peace on earth and good will towards men. 

The conclusion would seem that commanding someone to love thy neighbor fails while leaving it up to the individual succeeds.  Why would this be?
Mainly because laws are to be broken while the Wiccan spirituality simply fosters our connection with the divine in the only way possible: from the heart of the individual.  Once this connection is attained we cannot ignore this same divinity in every living being, not just those who believe as we do.

It is only from this ultimate truth that true humanity arises.

So may it be.