Imbolc WinterImbolc, (pronounced im-bolk) or Candlemass, Imbolg, Bride's Day, Oimelc, and Brid's Day is the second holiday on the wheel of the year occurring around February 1st or 2nd--in the deepest coldest heart of the winter.


Waiting for the Son God


It is the bride's time of waiting for union with the Sun God on Beltane.









Imbolc DollImbolc is celebrated with candles and grain dolls made of dried sheaves of corn or wheat from the previous year's harvest (Lughnassadh). They can be simple or fancy.

Often, simple crosses called Brigit Crosses were made and placed in the home.


Altars called Bride's Beds were decorated with white candles around the grain doll to honor the Goddess and hurry the coming of the Bride Groom. Imbolc Bride Bed





Bride Bed's Prayer

Welcome the bride both maiden and mother
rest and prepare for the time of the seed
cleansed and refreshed from labors behind her
with the promise of spring she lays before me.








Waiting for the Lady of the WoodsAnother Imbolc ritual is done on Imbolc Eve when we take buttered bread in a bowl placed outdoors for the Faries who travel with the Lady of the Greenwood.


Or a fire can be made with the Yule greens to hasten winter's departure.





















Christian Candlemass

As is the case for most Wiccan/Pagan celebrations, Imbolc as been appropriated by Christians.This matters little as Wiccans respect all faiths based on peace, love, and happiness for all.
















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so may it be




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